Why you need to try AirBnB

After a few years of traveling, I’ve accumulated a trusty list of iOS apps that I swear by. When I introduce them to my friends, they’re always amazed at how convenient they are. Over the next few posts, I’ll be sharing and reviewing all the apps that have made my travel life 1000x easier!!

Review #1: My absolute favorite app – AirBnB!


Why? It has revolutionized my travel.  AirBnB has allowed me to really experience the culture of everywhere I visit.  Instead of being secluded in the walls of a hotel, AirBnB hosts usually go out of their way to tell me the best places to visit, including any hidden gems.


What was your best experience?  When I was in Italy, my AirBnB hosts were a family of doctors who welcomed me in to their home by cooking me the best delicious pesto pasta I have ever had in my life. The next night, they showed my friend and I how to toss pizza dough and make 7 different types of pizza.  We even made a dessert pizza using Nutella and apple crisp!!

How do I find a good place to stay?  Reviews, reviews, reviews!! The more reviews on a listing, the more reliable.  The reason why I find AirBnB SO reliable is because it builds a community of trust by requesting reviews from hosts and guests alike.  I usually always go for a place with 4 stars or more and at least 20+ positive reviews.  With that number, it’s usually a pretty safe bet that it will be a pleasant experience for you.

What if my host cancels on me?  No need to worry! This usually never happens.  I’ve stayed at dozens of AirBnBs and it’s only happened once.  In that case, I was notified by AirBnB and given free additional credit to book a new location. I ended up with a nicer, more expensive stay than the one I had originally booked, because of the inconvenience fee that AirBnB credited me!  Additionally, you can see on the hosts’ page if they have cancelled on their guests before.  This allows you to see how reliable they are as hosts.

What else?  You have a much greater selection of homes using AirBnB than relying solely on hotels.  They are usually much more affordable and you can find some great last-minute bookings since there are so many options.  Furthermore, some of them offer free breakfast and it’s a huge plus if you have a full day of exploring ahead of you!

I’ve never used the app before and am still not comfortable with AirBnB. I swear to you, try it once! The app is very user-friendly, there is GREAT customer service, as long as you do your research using the reviews I can guarantee you’ll have an amazing experience.

If you liked my review and want to sign up for AirBnB, here is a code for $40 off your first stay anywhere if you sign up using this link! http://abnb.me/e/Ks41mfqquF

Happy travels!! 🙂




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